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Culture & Values

Since 1974, Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd., BC’s leading scaffold and structural steel manufacturer & supplier, has set the standards by which others are measured in the industry: Safety, Integrity and Value.

Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd. is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment, with a view to continuous improvement by fostering an enthusiastic commitment to health, SAFETY and the environment within Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd. personnel, contractors and visitors.

INTEGRITY is fundamental to our business and one of the main keys to our success. Doing everything to the highest standards—right down to creating perfect lines of equipment in the manufacturing yard.

VALUE – that to be able to deliver the very best products and services to our customers we must dedicate ourselves to attracting the most talented and caring employees.  We have an extraordinary leadership team, led by Christopher Jones. This team is dedicated to discovering and rewarding the consummate employees.  With this in mind, our continued focus is on each potential worker’s skill-set, commitment and passion.

Our business structure is very much like a family.  Whether you work in sales or at our office or manufacturing facility, working at Canada Scaffold Supply is fast-paced, exciting and rewarding. It’s challenging work. And it’s fun. And we like to reward our employees’ hard work and dedication by celebrating our accomplishments, recognizing our stars and holding regular social events for employees as well as customers. We think we deserve to have fun and we celebrate like as a family.

Canada Scaffold Supply is pleased to share our belief system with respect to creating an exceptional workplace that fully encourages diversity and 100% inclusiveness.  Our goal is, and always has been, to provide extraordinary products and services for our customers.  To attain this objective we must have an “open door” to the best employees possible – irrespective of their race or background, sexual orientation or disabilities.

We have just one “program” to improve workplace diversity and inclusiveness … and that is “It makes sense for our business … for all businesses”.  Canada Scaffold’s success (client retention and resulting financial outcome) has a direct relationship to the caliber of workmanship.  We continue to measure our processes and through feedback continuously improve the quality of our service and products.

We are on the never-ending search for the right employee. Canada Scaffold’s diverse team is now represented by over 20 countries and nationalities. It’s our job is to create an environment to make them feel at home, like our parents did for us, and to keep them as long as possible.  We have made this commitment to all – and by doing so truly hope that it will attract future applicants in our continuous pursuit in finding and retaining the very best.