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Why Vancouver?

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Beautiful Vancouver

Why Consider a Scaffolding Career in Vancouver?

Vancouver is Ranked as the Best Place to Live in North America*

Vancouver is located on Canada’s mild west coast, bordering the USA. The youthful city is home to 600,000 persons, with a metropolitan population of over 2 million. It is a beautiful city most often admired for its backdrop of lofty, snow-draped peaks, natural parks and towering skyscrapers, all surrounded by the brilliant blue Pacific Ocean. Vancouverites revel in their laid back, outdoorsy lifestyle. Only in Vancouver can you fish, ski and sail all in the same day!

Vancouver offers:

Kobe Grill - Vancouver

Kobe Grill – Vancouver

  • One of the warmest climates of Canada’s big cities, with little snow
  • A cosmopolitan city surrounded by mountains, ocean and nature
  • One of the highest quality of living standards in the world (ranked as one of the “most liveable cities” by EIU)
  • A short 2 hour drive to Whistler Mountain and a 2.5 hour drive to Seattle, USA
  • Three ski hills within a 20 minute drive of the downtown core
  • Great night life with pubs, bars and nightclubs
  • A wide range of culinary options from a notable restaurant scene
  • Several professional sport teams, including hockey, football and soccer
  • A safe urban environment to raise a family
  • A multitude of activity options including fishing, boating, skiing, snowmobiling, rock climbing, golf, hiking, mountain biking and kayaking
  • An ethnically diverse city with approximately 40% of the metropolitan area speaking English as a second language
  • One of the cleanest cities in the world with bike paths and a good transportation system


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* Mercer 2014 Quality of Living

Mountain Views in Whistler, BC

Breathtaking Mountain Views in Whistler, BC