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Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd., industry leader in environmental impact management, is committed to the Protection of the Environment for present and future generations. We are fully committed to green manufacturing, local sourcing and sustainable construction methods. A green supplier based on LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), we source out our materials within 500 km/800 km.
We are honored to have been selected as one of preferred partners for Hyclyff project based on our innovation, quality, dependability and high sustainability standards.

All Employees are responsible for incorporating into their planning and work the actions necessary to fulfill this commitment.

Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd. will meet these responsibilities by endeavoring to provide the resources for continuing to:

Canada Scaffold's own "green thumb" - Dragan Barisic

Canada Scaffold’s own “green thumb” – Dragan Barisic

  • Design and manage our operations to meet or surpass applicable environmental laws.
  • Work in partnership with customers, suppliers, trade associations and government agencies to promote the environmentally safe handling and disposition of materials and products.
  • Acquire knowledge and technologies to improve the environmentally safe and efficient use of our processes and products.
  • Formulate and implement effective environmental emergency response systems.
  • Involve our employees in our environmental programs and keep them informed of our performance.
  • Promote employee awareness of this policy and enhance their capabilities to implement this policy.


Canada Scaffold Garden

Community vegetable gardens that occupy the front of the property, used and enjoyed by all employees.

Canada Scaffold’s “green” goal is to foster a culture of employee engagement in green initiatives that encourages leadership and innovation from within. This employee-driven approach encourages our team to make daily activities as “green” as possible on a personal and professional level by enthusiastically supporting workplace initiatives like extensive recycling programs, carpooling, reuse of office supplies and materials, reductions in unnecessary office printing and use of sustainable products when available. Community vegetable gardens that occupy the front of the property, are planted, taken care of and enjoyed by all employees.